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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

How To Join Independence Hall Chapter

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We would love to have you join our chapter! To join, please review the DAR eligibility guidelines below. If you meet the all guidelines, contact our registrar and she will assist you further.


An applicant for membership must be at least 18 years of age. She must prove that she is a direct blood descendant from an ancestor who provided service in the cause of American independence. Acceptable service, in accordance with the NSDAR by-laws, generally includes one of the following types of service during the period from April 19, 1775 (Battle of Lexington) through November 26, 1783 (withdrawal of British troops from New York):

  • Signers of the Declaration of Independence
  • Military service (Continental Army, local militia, etc.)
  • Civil service (state, county, or town official)
  • Patriotic service (members of patriotic assemblies, signers of Oath of Allegiance, etc.)

Additional Information

Prospective members are welcome to attend any of the chapter's meetings and social events.